Horrible day yaar

At this time vijay has released his movie and i saw it today and i guess you would have found the reason why i call it has horrible. I had one more blog approved today by ppp and i had 2 available oppurtunities which i can reserve. Since the day i started writing reviews i didn’t have even a single oppurtunity to reserve, But my bad time when i was starting to kuruvi i got 2.

No other way for me except to quit reserving oppurtunity and shut down my machine. I lost 17$ because of that, and me and my family wated 60×6 rs for the ticket too and other charges like food, travel also extras.

Here i go tell about the movie. Why this film named Kuruvi?
*vijay can fly?
*he saves kuruvi’s life at the climax?
*his name? no cos it was velu and nick name? how come i relate velu and kuruvi?

I think the reason is first among the three. Beleive me, no graphics nothing, he is flying throughout the movie right from his intro scene. He is a racer in this movie and has a car which he accelerate it via a wire with his mouth. Hey listen, not even vijay fly in this movie but also his car. WOW, mindblowing.

Then he goes to malaysia and plays football with “fire extinguisher” and hits a goal with few meters away. He also fights with 50 people just like in wrestlemania and wins the tag championship. What a power he has got. In another chasing sequence 10 people chasing him shotting with gun and hero starts flying escaping each of the bullets and jumps from LIC building to central station, i’m sorry he flies. (Before jumping he sees a eagle flying and prays, i doubted whether the movie name is kazhugu or kuruvi)

Previosly he jumped from 10th floor to ground floor and trisha gets impresssed and again to impress more he catches trisha in one hand and a rope in another hand and jumps from top of twin tower of malaysia. Thankgod, PM of malasia knows vijay would jump from top floor so he kept a rope over there.

WOW, playing throwball with human’s and bounces them back after hitting them on running train. More nail biting situation are there to say. a serious fight scence will start after a running sequence, suddenly hero will fight and escape and heroin will see hero and what next? Song, yes. Come’s in between something for nothing.

Truly speaking you can admire his dance throughout. Doesn’t matter the songs comes for no reason but its worth watching his dance.

Kuruvi, sorry they could have kept the name as “coconut”, anyways both has no relation with movie. Just watch vijay dance in this movie and his comedy. Oh, he missed double century, of what? Killing pepole. He missed it by one. I expect in his next movie he would reach double century.

Thanks for devi theater to displaying this movie for next ten years. Lovers enjoy.

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Tags: , May 7th, 2008 Posted in Fun, Movies

11 Responses to “Horrible day yaar”

  1. Praveen Says:

    Avlo mokkaiya ya va da, irukku?

  2. Rachel Says:

    Whatever, the post title is cool…. :lol:

  3. Marc Says:

    What did you expect? It is a Tamil movie. And it is a Vijay movie. I would rather read an engineering textbook.

  4. Vinod Says:

    I heard that the movie was horrible. Good that I didn’t see this movie. I went for Santhosh Subramanian and I can see this movie ten times for Genelia. She is damn cute in this movie also :D

  5. Visu Says:

    Vijay movie, needless to say its crap, Ape shit.
    , I don’t want to see his movies, I’d rather hang by my…
    k****i : What an apt name ?
    And hey,the 200th victim is ‘You’. (What a directorial touch!)

  6. Hari Says:

    Really you are right da
    Santhose subramaniam was really nice and peaceful movie da, i liked it a lot
    Well said da :)

  7. Gowtham Says:

    Vijay movie is meant to suck. So not much surprised :grin:

  8. Rachel Says:

    Santhose subramaniam movie concept is really good, i guess all the young generation would like it.

  9. meyya Says:

    first of all i appreciate you for writing this post.
    if you wanna see his dance then it’ll be telecasted at least 10 times a day in all music channels.
    you forgot to tell about one wonderful scene da, where he jumps from a building to railway track which is 1 km away .
    ore siripudhan po :-)

  10. Naresh Says:

    machi.. i saw that film yesterday da. its very horrible like u said.. i think that he is not like to become a super star, he is like to become a super man…

  11. Hari Says:

    Thanks da
    @ Naresh
    he he superman? ? really sheri comedy..

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