Higher studies or job?

As soon as we finish our studies, we will be very eager to get a job and enter into the professional life. There is nothing wrong in that. But if we don’t get into the job we love to do, then there will not be involvement in the job in the long run and we can’t really enjoy working. In the beginning, with the joy of getting the first job, everything seems to be wonderful but slowly you will feel the importance of studies. Like what i feel now. Decision making is so tough when you have a job in hand and have a mood of doing higher studies. Yes im really confused. I dont want to work alone without few of my friends. I see lot of my friends writing entrance exams for MS and MBA and i’m inspired a lot by them. Ofcourse i have to spend lot of money again which im not sure if my dad can offer , but he is keep on forcing me to do higher studies. I also i’ve to wait for another 2 years to start earning if i do higher studies. Am i going two years behind others or going to earn more than them after two years? [Spending more money + two years time + earn more from there or start earning(little) + gain experience in two years + grow up salary] which is better? Again confusion occurs whether i will get a job after my higher studies, cuz i’ve struggled a lot to get placed in my campus interview, really a lot. I’m thinking whether luck will favor me again. I think practical knowledge(experience) is much worth than reading theoreticaly. But i dont know how many will accept this. Once you know what exactly do you want, then your goals are half achieved. If we dont take right decision at this time we may lose opportunities at the begining. “Do only what you want to do”. Now im thinking what to do. I just want to know what other people have decided.

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Tags: , March 27th, 2008 Posted in Mylife

33 Responses to “Higher studies or job?”

  1. Srividya Says:

    Wow, you seem to have put in a lot of thought into this.

    Personally, I think higher studies is important. Whether you do it immediately or after a few years is your personal choice.

    There is no right or wrong. Both have their pros and cons and it ultimately depends on how it personally suits you.

  2. admin Says:

    @Srividya, I cant guess which will suit me and that’s a problem now. :)

  3. Vinod Says:

    Well if you want to get a better position in a company then higher studies is the only way (provided you study well :P higher studies will be good only if you do well there. But M.E. M.TECH. are not that useful for CS-IT students. For Other department students it is useful). You can’t get a higher and a better post with a UG that easily. Even with PG you can’t get it easily but the probability is more for you. So I think higher studies is the best option but it will be good if we do it after getting few years of job experience. But once we go for job then it will be difficult to study (that happens with many).

  4. Veni Says:

    hey thanks for dropping by my blog…
    hope u don’t mind me commenting in yr recent post
    i feel that whatever it maybe u should follow your instincts…
    sometime the decisions you make would affect your future but still u carry alot of life’s lessons…
    i mean if yr interested in higher studies why not work part time…
    there is a solution to everything…
    if not this then that…

  5. admin Says:

    Welcome to my blog veni. Hope to see more comments of your’s in my blog. Thanks for the idea.

  6. Gany Says:

    Same position . But still i will say that u can earn and reduce your parents burden financially and then u can proceed with ur higher studies. That time u will be having exp too.

  7. Visu Says:

    Hari, I think you must go for the Job.
    Yes da, work for some five or six years in which anything could happen. You may be promoted to a good position which you always thought of.
    In my opinion, if you are in dilemma then it is safe and best to choose option 2: Job. You can pursue your higher education after some work experience. However, i don’t wish to study more. May be I’m frustrated by the present education system, D’oh.

  8. Marc Says:

    I am telling you, if you start working you will never study again and you won’t feel like it. Do you want to be a B.E. graduate for the rest of your life? You know how much it is worth.

    I suggest that you study more if you feel you can keep it up. Don’t ever think about money and salary when education is concerned.

  9. Rachel Says:

    Take a firm decision Hari. If you feel that you waan study then forget about money or things so on. If you waan work, then go for that. But stay firm don’t get confused.

  10. Praveen Says:

    Well, I feel you’d better do higher studies da.

  11. Srividya Says:

    For once, I agree with Marc. Totally.

  12. Gowtham Says:

    Hit the Job!!
    If you want to study further, no problem you could always do it in correspondance.
    And who told you will earn more once you are freshly out with a P.G. degree
    Experience matters!!!

  13. admin Says:

    Different opinion and ideas here also, cha.

  14. Veni Says:

    haha it doesn’t matter abt ppl’s idea here hari…
    its all yr choice…
    u make the decision…
    its yr life remember?

  15. Naresh Says:

    I think. do your higher studies…. because This is the age for studying…..

    dai hari… I regularly visit your blog.. but i am not leave comments da…

  16. Karthik Says:


    I shall prove you wrong. :)

    And Hari as far as your dilemma goes, here are a few things to consider,

    -If you are academically inclined and you are into research and all that, higher studies(M.E, M.Tech,MS..etc) is definitely an option. But unless you work abroad, there’s not difference in salary. (Here, in India atleast)

    -If you specialise in something, then it’s very difficult to explore other fields when you want to join a job. Whereas a BE graduate can try his/her hand at anything and pick what he/she likes/suits him/her ;)

    -if your aim in life is to make money and you are not all that inclined towards technical stuff, then never do a second technical degree. :D Well, I am sure many won’t agree with me here.

    -Do a management degree and you should get paid well. But do remember that an MBA from any college isn’t worth the same as an MBA from say an IIM.

    Now, sit down and think. :) It’s best you take your own decisions.

  17. Karthik Says:


  18. Surya Says:

    My better suggestion is option 2 (job).

    I agree what gowtham and karthik say in their comments, cos i have 6 years experiance in IT field.

    Higher studies is not a big pbm, after getting job you can do it in correspondance also, in the mean time 2-3 years experiance is in your hand … think it

  19. admin Says:

    @ Veni
    you are right yar.

    @ Naresh
    Ok da, drop comments too

    @ Kathik
    Hey dude, Im not much intelligent to join in IIM, and i aim at making money and i will not do technical degree again.

    @ Surya
    At present what you said is running in my mind.

  20. Vinod Says:

    @ Marc
    Its because you think that you can’t study after getting into a job. If you want then you CAN study even after working for 2 or 3 years. It all depends on a person and his mentality. You are saying because you might have seen only those who end up with their job and forget about the higher studies. But my brother’s friends are all leaving the IT field and going for MBA. They all have 2 to 3 years of job experience and when two ppl fight for a post (both having MBA degree but one having two years of job experience, the one with job experience will probably have advantage). I think if you can study after going for a job then its no harm in going for a job now. Thats what I feel. Never listen to Marc and you will do well. He thinks that B.E. done under AU sucks but actually it does not.
    @ Karthik
    I think there are B schools which are better than few IIMs buddy. Not all IIMs but few like IIM Indore and Lucknow. GLIM is a nice place to do MBA and I think the MBA course is only for an year there. You get a decent salary. The average salary through the GLIM is 12 to 15 lacks per annum (If I am not wrong)…

  21. Karthik Says:


    AU sucks!! Big time. Be it BE , ME or whatever. We are just psuedo engineers. It’s a friggin 4 year awareness programme where we never learn anything substantial.

    But yea, never listen to Marc. :D It’s the most perlious thing to do. :D

    I as referig to IIM A,B,C. But yea, any decent B school (isn’t that what it’s called. :) ) will do. Oh, and looking at your average salary statisics and all, all you want to do is become a panakara payyan like Marc. ;)

  22. Marc Says:

    Vinod, do you know for a fact that the person with work experience will be given preference in B school admissions? This is India, after all.

    My reasoning is not what you described. Once you start working you will slowly adjust to that lifestyle over the year and perhaps even like work. More importantly, you will take loans to buy things and get comfortable with your income. This complicates leaving the job to do another course since your source of income is removed. Also, most people simply don’t want the trouble of going back to college to learn more things. It really is complicated. There are many things that you have not thought of.

    Your brother’s friends would be going for the MBA purely for the money. By that time I would have established myself as a valuable person in the company, having directed my energies to that purpose for a while, and it would be hard for me to give up all that effort and go back to college. (The alternative to this would be not working hard at the company, which is unethical.)

    Also, I know for a fact that B.E. under AU sucks. If you don’t believe the same then you are simply deluding yourself.

  23. Elly (from Life probabilities) Says:

    I think what you could do is combine both. Why don’t you get a job, save a bit and while still working do Master’s after work hours. For egsample in our university Master’s classes were from 6:30 to 9 in the evening.

  24. admin Says:

    Elly but in India, Master’s is as usual as UG. Thats the problem.

  25. Rachel Says:

    I think better do one thing at a time, coz studying part time isn’t that easy to handle. Really difficult to get on smoothly with both.

  26. Vinod Says:

    Well I don’t know why all of you think that B.E. under AU is not useful. If it is not then why B.E. students from TN are getting salaries ranging from 3 to 7 per annum???

  27. admin Says:

    You are right vinod B.E alone is not worth. Have to search what next.

  28. Vinod Says:

    And almost everyone is taking B.E. just to get a job with decent salary. Don’t compare our country with any other country. We are talking about jobs and salaries in India and not abroad. Thats totally different.

  29. Karthik Says:


    So you are saying education is all about how much salary you get at the end of it and that should be a measure of how good an education system is ?

    The day IT recession starts, the guys most affected by it will be BE graduates from Anna University.

  30. Srividya Says:

    The recession has begun a while back, and it’s effects are clearly noticeable all over..

  31. admin Says:

    But still every year people prefers to do B.E in Anna University and also there is an intake of B.E graduates every year.

  32. Marc Says:

    The people who will be most affected by the recession are the ones who aren’t highly qualified.

  33. Karthik Says:

    Most people from constituent colleges of AU that is.

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